I’M LISTENING TO: Childish Gambino (remixes)

Anyone that has spent time with me at my house, in my car, whilst I’ve been in charge of music somewhere will know that I can’t go 5 songs without playing something by Childish Gambino. The obsession began in late February and it seems to growing as time goes on (sorry friends). His albums are easily accessible on Apply Music/Spotify but a little bit of YouTube research has led me to two amazing remixes, which I will now share with all of you lovely people.

Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx remix) – Adele ft Childish Gambino

I love love love this song. The original is enough of a “f you” to your ex but Childish Gambino’s verse makes it all the more empowering. It encapsulates a breakup perfectly; from the phase where you first break up and want that person back, to criticising their new boyfriend/girlfriend and then being bitter and trying to one up your ex (but finally drunk texting them). The combination of Adele and Gambino makes this ideal for anyone that needs to get over an ex.

Break (All of the lights)

There are so many references in this song that each time I listen to it I giggle at a different line. It’s quite worth having a Google of the lyrics just to appreciate the amount of wittiness thrown into this song! I also really like the acoustic take on All of the lights , combined with Gambino’s singing and rap it works so well.


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