Django Bango Gold Rush

Yee-haw! Grab your tartan shirt and a cowboy hat because the wild west has arrived in London.

Normally the idea of entering an immersive dining experience terrifies me – I like to eat my food and make minimal contact with strangers. However, my view has been entirely changed since visiting the Django Bango mine.

I’ll keep this post brief because I made an entire video of the experience (if a picture is worth a thousand words then I’m spoiling you all with a movie!) but the main points are as follows:

  1. The actors are brilliant. They stay perfectly in character and manage to be incredibly helpful at the same time. Their high quality of acting allows you to fully submerge yourself in the experience and even attempt a Western accent.. Although the cocktails also help.
  2. Talking of cocktails! Each cocktail is made in front of you at a little wooden bar and they all taste absolutely wonderful – trust me, I tried them all. All cocktails are creatively named, my personal favourite being Miney McMineface..
  3. FOOD FOOD FOOD. DELICIOUS. No other description necessary.
  4. The soundtrack to your evening is provided by a live pianist and I guarantee you will not be able to resist having a little dance!

Take a look for yourself:

Be sure to book tickets here:


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