YOUTUBE: Casey Neistat

You know when once in a while you stumble across someone that has so much determination, drive and ambition that it actually makes you reconsider spending the entire day in your pyjamas? Casey Neistat does just that. Here are a few reasons why I recommend subscribing to Casey:

  1. There are no false pretences. When watching the vlogs, there is no sense of playing up to the camera whatsoever and Casey comes across as an incredibly genuine guy. His Q&A’s are interesting yet straight to the point. Equally, when opening mail from fans Casey is very brief with it (whilst still thanking the senders for their generosity). Unlike other YouTubers, Casey’s approach to questions/mail is so refreshing because he just reacts in such a modest way.
  2. Hard work got him to where he is today. One striking thing that Casey’s videos will teach you is that you can achieve your goals as long as you work hard for them – and he is living proof of this. Watch his draw my life video and you can see for yourself how far Casey has come.
  3. Every video on Casey’s channel is filled with creativity. Even the daily vlogs are edited to an incredibly high standard. Sometimes I feel as though it’s easy to slip out of regularly watching daily vlogs as they tend to be mundane but Casey’s vlogs are SO visually pleasing. Also, the vlogs are worth watching purely for the time lapses that are included.
  4. Casey’s incredibly adorable daughter Francine is featured in the vlogs a lot – how can you not want to see this face?

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 22.48.46.png(Screenshot from Baby Ball Pit)

Featured image found on


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